Guidelines for PhD submission

Before submission

Students should refer to the Board of Graduate Studies website for up to date information concerning intention to submit and appointment of examiners: Submitting your Thesis for the Ph.D., M.Sc. and M.Litt. Degrees.

Preparing the dissertation for submission

Dissertations are submitted to the Student Registry, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge and students should refer to the Student Registry website for up to date information concerning dissertation submission: Submitting your Thesis for the Ph.D., M.Sc. and M.Litt. Degrees. Please see also PhD style guidelines.

Appointment of Examiners

Two to three months ahead of your planned date of submission, please complete the Appointment of Examiners form (PDF). A copy of the form is also available from the Administration Office. Once you have completed the form, please return it the Administration  Office with a copy of a short summary of your dissertation. Examiners are appointed on the recommendation of the PhD Committee and the Degree Committee. You should discuss the timing of your application for examiners to be appointed in good time with your supervisor. These committees do not meet during University vacations so you should apply well in advance of the end of term. Do not submit this form, or the accompanying abstract of your dissertation, without agreeing them with your supervisor.


Reminder: last date of submission. The Division expects that PhD students will submit within four years from their date of registration (taking intermissions into account). If you are in doubt about the dates please consult the graduate administrator. NB this is not necessarily the date set by the BGS, which is a matter of University administrative convenience.

If you are unable to make the agreed submission date, you must apply to the BGS for permission to defer date of submission.


Some informal advice for the PhD viva (PDF)