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Department of Social Anthropology



I grew up in Florence, Italy, where I attended a Liceo Classico. I obtained my B.A. in Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge in 2014. I stayed on at Cambridge the following year and obtained an M.Res. degree in Social Anthropology, for which I conducted research on contemporary urban Catholic monasticism as an alternative form of non-activist political engagement, and looked at the debate about reforming monasticism at the time of the Second Vatican Council. Over time, this interest in alternative forms of politics has shifted from monasticism into the field of football fandom, and has connected with an interest in the political role and nature of satire and surreal forms of irony, and in their potential to foster novel forms of politics articulated along a discourse of resistance on the left.


My research interests include humour and satire and their relationship to their audiences (both imagined and real), aesthetics, masculinities, football fandom in Europe, and the extra-parliamentary politics of contemporary Italy.

Research Title: We don’t know what we’re saying: Irony, community, and resistance politics among the ultras of CS Lebowski football club in Florence, Italy
Supervisor: Dr Matei Candea
 David  Ginsborg (2016)

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