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Hugh Williamson (2019)

Research Title: Entrepeneurship in Haifa: the Perpetual Quest for Innovation and the Israeli National Imaginary

Supervisor: Professor James Laidaw


My research will look at the so called "entrepeneurship ecosystem" in the Israeli City of Haifa. I will seek to add to anthropological discussions of ethics and political economy through an analysis of the ways in which new forms of enterprise are shaping individual ideas about "the good life" and its relationship to experiences of local and national community. Haifa is a centre for technological business and entrepeneurship and its wealth of innovation hubs and start-up insfrastructure make it an ideal place to explore the ways these new forms of capitalism configure what count as valuable subjectivies among contemporary Israeli Youth, and how the process is variously encouraged and resisted by the youth themselves.
Hugh holds a BA degree in Oriental Studies from the University of Oxford. Following this, he recieved an MSc (Distinction) from the Department of Social Anthropology, also at Oxford. He has since worked for the United Nations, Volt Europa and the British Museum in various capacities. 

Research Interests

The anthropology of ethics; social psychology; aspiration; anxiety; space and emplacement; human geography; political economy; colonialism and neo-colonialism.