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Department of Social Anthropology



My doctoral research examines the relationship between new forms of capital, technology and nationalism within Israel. I intend to do so through a focus on the city of Haifa, a centre of innnovation and focus of public and private investment in tech driven entrepeneurship. I shall explore how new technologies and working arrangements, many of which have gained increasing importance and popularity following COVID-19, are reshaping the way people concieve of work and its relation to other spheres of daily life. Particular focus shall be paid to questions of ambition, risk and failure in projects of commercial and personal development, and the relationship of these projects to popular imaginings of Israeli national identity. 

Before begining my PhD I obtained a first class degree from Oxford University in Oriental Studies with a focus on the histories and languages of Babylonia and Assyria. Following this, I completed a Master's Degree in Social Anthropology, achieving a distinction with a thesis on social housing in the London borough of Bermondsey.



The anthropology of ethics; social psychology; aspiration; anxiety; space and emplacement; human geography; political economy; technology and entrepeneurship.

Research Title: Entrepreneurship in Haifa: The Perpetual Quest for Innovation and the Israeli National Imaginary
Supervisor: Professor James Laidaw

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