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Department of Social Anthropology



Confucian thought (especially Song-Ming li-xue 宋明理學), Comparative ethics, historiographical traditions, the intellectual history of Republican China, poetic traditions in China and England. 

Born in Shandong Province (China), Yi Qiao is studying and translating Confucian thought within the contexts of comparison and modernity. He is especially interested in exploring Confucian insights into humanity, education, science and democracy and their significance for the development of modernity. This research interest is also related to Yi Qiao’s studies of two towering Republican intellectuals, namely Qian Mu (1895-1990) and Hu Shi (1891-1962). 

Yi Qiao’s research also touches upon some comparative issues about Chinese and European traditions of historical reasoning. He has been exploring shithe Chinese system of historical thought and writing, by comparing it to Graeco-Roman traditions of historiography and modern Euro-American historicism. Trained in English literature as an undergraduate, Yi Qiao is also a reader and translator of English and classical Chinese poetries. 

Research Title: Historicity, Ethics and Change in a Chinese City
Supervisor: Prof Joel Robbins
 Yi  Qiao (2015)

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