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Department of Social Anthropology



Before coming to Cambridge to pursue an MPhil and then a PhD degree in Social Anthropology, I was trained as a linguist at the University of Yakutsk (now North-Eastern Federal University) in Russia. For my doctoral research, I conducted a 15-month fieldwork in north-eastern Siberia, exploring how Sakha (Yakut) ethnic activists voice and implement their decolonial aspirations in an elaborate programme aimed at conserving a native breed of cattle which were made nearly extinct by Soviet technocratic reforms. As I followed the flow of this discourse from the city-based elites down to ordinary herders in remote villages, I was also intrigued by how conflicting their understandings of animals and animal husbandry are and yet how entangled these can become when there is a mutuality of interests. For my postdoctoral project, I am looking to expand my regional expertise and examine the movement of people, things and cultural forms between Central Asia and Siberia.


Gender, kinship, ethnic politics, migration, religious movements and assemblages in the post-Soviet space.


2018. Tarasova, Zoia, and Elena Khlinovskaya-Rockhill. ‘In vitro fertilization, genetic imaginations and values among the Siberian Sakha’. Polar Geography 41 (2): 1-16.

2017. Tarasova, Zoia, Elena Khlinovskaya-Rockhill, Oktyabrina Tuprina, and Vladimir Skryabin. 'Urbanization and the Shifting of Boundaries: Contemporary Transformations in Kinship and Child Circulation among the Sakha'. Europe-Asia Studies 67 (7): 1106-1125

2017. Aimar, Ventsel, Eleanor Peers, and Zoya Tarasova. ‘Rep kak sredstvo vyrazheniia sotsial'nykh izmenenii na severo-vostoke Sibiri: khip-khop, urbanizatsiia i etnichnost' yakutov (sakha)’ [Rap as an Expression of Social Changes in the North-East of Siberia: Hip-Hop, Urbanization, and Ethnicity of the Yakut (Sakha)]. Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 1: 168-182. (Accessed 2 March 2019)

Postdoctoral Affiliate
 Zoia  Tarasova (2016)

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