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Listen to Episode 7 of Camthropod - An Interview with Tanya Luhrmann, by Rupert Stasch. Tanya Luhrmann gave the 2016 W.H.R. Rivers Memorial Lecture in Cambridge, and during her visit she discussed with Rupert Stasch the larger research project she is currently engaged in, about contrasts in the psychological experience of “hearing voices” in the United States, Ghana, and India.

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Edited by Joanna Miles, Perveez Mody and Rebecca Probert. This new interdisciplinary collection brings together scholars from numerous fields, including law, sociology, anthropology, psychology, demography, theology and art and design. Focusing on England and Wales, it explores in depth the specific issues arising from this jurisdiction’s Anglican heritage, demographic development, current laws and social practices.

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MIASU Seminar: Ed Pulford

Jun 07, 2016

Seminar Room, The Mond Building, Free School Lane

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