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Postgraduate Courses

The Division of Social Anthropology offers three graduate qualifications: The Master of Philosophy (MPhil), the Master of Research (MRes) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).


MPhil in Social Anthropology

Street workshop in The Gambia

This 11-month course is intended for graduate students who are studying the subject for the first time, who have studied anthropology in the context of a more general degree, and for those with little knowledge of the tradition of British social anthropology.


MRes in Social Anthropology

Waiting in Mongolia (credit: David Sneath)

This ESRC-recognised [hyperlink to] one-year course provides intensive research training in Social Anthropology, social science research methods more generally, and the opportunity to complete a research thesis under academic guidance. You will be best suited to the MRes in Social Anthropology if you already hold an undergraduate degree or Masters in Social Anthropology. You can use this year to work out plans for doctoral research. The MRes can also serve as a free-standing project if you wish to pursue advanced study and to acquire additional research skills without proceeding to the PhD programme.


PhD in Social Anthropology

El Alto, Bolivia

A Cambridge PhD is very highly regarded in the field of Anthropology, both in the UK and overseas, and we have some extremely distinguished alumni who have been enormously influential in academic anthropology globally.  The majority of our PhD graduates go on to jobs in academia, while the rest build very successful careers in the media, civil service, and the development sector, among others. We have the largest cohort of postgraduate Anthropology students in the UK. Social Anthropology Cambridge is unparalleled as a place to study for a PhD, combining world class teaching and resources with a friendly but intellectually challenging atmosphere.