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MPhil in Social Anthropology

The Cambridge MPhil by Advanced Study in Social Anthropology is an intensive 11-month (October to September) graduate degree programme intended as a conversion course for students with little or no previous training in anthropological methods and perspectives. It provides a wide yet thorough grounding in the theoretical and ethnographic dimensions of the field. The degree can be a free-standing qualification, or a route to the original research involved in a PhD, or a means to acquire knowledge of anthropology for use in other fields and professional contexts.

The course addresses key problems in anthropological theory, interpretation, comparison and analysis, building on in-depth engagement with a wide range of recent and past ethnographies to explore major debates in the field's current concerns.  Through critical reflection on a range of anthropological theories, and through practice in the application of those theories to bodies of ethnographic material, students acquire a thorough grounding in a variety of styles of social anthropological analysis.

Further details about the MPhil in Social Anthropology, including information about eligibility, funding, teaching and assessment can be found on the Graduate Admissions Course Directory.

Further information about applying to the University, including instructions on how to submit your supporting documents, is available from the Graduate Admissions website. All prospective applicants should read the information on the Graduate Admissions website carefully prior to applying.

Papers offered for 2018/19

Paper 1 Scope of SA I: Production & Reproduction

Paper 2 Scope of SA II: Systems of Power & Knowledge

Paper 3 Optional Papers:

(Paper 3b)  Social Anthropology
 and Museums
(Paper 3c)  Medical Anthropology
(SAN11) Anthropology of Media and Visual Culture

(SAN12) Anthropology of Cities and Space

(SAN13) Gender, Kinship and Care

SAN3: Anthropological Theory and Methods 



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