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How to Apply

How do I apply?

General Admission

Details of how the application process works including how the Department and the Colleges will consider your application is available on the Graduate Admissions website.


Supervision of Graduate Students


All students who are admitted to the Department of Social Anthropology will be assigned a Supervisor to support and guide their work. Your supervisor will be an expert in his or her field of research and will meet you regularly to discuss your work and oversee your progress.

All MPhil students admitted to the Department of Social Anthropology are assigned a supervisor when they arrive in Cambridge. Their supervisor will be a senior member of staff with expertise in a broad range of concerns relevant to the extensive range of material covered in the course. In cases where more specialised expertise would be helpful, especially in relation to students' dissertation plans, other members of staff may be consulted to advise as needed.

One of the requirements for admission of applicants wishing to undertake a research degree i.e. an MRes or a PhD in the Department of Social Anthropology, is the agreement of a senior member (normally a member of Departmental staff) to act as supervisor of the student's work. Those seeking admission may indicate on their application form whether they have a specific supervisor in mind: this is not compulsory, and it does not guarantee that the named individual will agree to act as supervisor. But prospective students are encouraged to consult the Department's Academic Staff Directory to help them in identifying a possible supervisor, and to contact those they believe may be interested in acting in this role.



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