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Department of Social Anthropology

Wedding Yajna, West Bengal (credit: John Fahy)

Graduate Funding

There are many funding opportunities at Cambridge from a wide variety of sources. The main source of internal funding is a wide range of awards organised through the Cambridge Trust, for which you will need to complete the relevant box on the application form to apply. Other forms of funding include Gates Cambridge, which requires an additional statement on the application form, Colleges, Research Councils and central University funds.

The William Wyse Fund provides support for students applying to the Department of Social Anthropology, the William Wyse Bursary for students who wish to pursue either the MPhil or MRes programmes in Social Anthropology.  

The Graduate Admissions Office publishes information about the University's central funding competitions for Graduate Students on their website, which includes information about eligibility, how to apply and application deadlines.

Applicants for a PhD in Social Anthropology willing to undertake research related to understandings of cancer and risk in the UK are eligible to apply for a CRUK International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection PhD Bursary. The project is outlined here. The deadline for applications is 22 November 2019. For further information, contact Dr Maryon McDonald.

Students are also advised to do their own research on other funding sources, including the Colleges. Competition for funding is high so we strongly advise that applicants apply for as many funding opportunities as possible, to maximise the chance of success.


Cambridge Funding Search Tool

There are hundreds of awards available for Graduate Students at the University, but it can be difficult to find which ones you are eligible for. To help with this search, the University has developed a Funding Search Tool, a funding search tool which allows you to enter some of your details and pull up a list of funding which might be suitable.


Funding for Social Anthropology Graduate Students

Division of Social Anthropology
As well as the University’s central funding competitions and the ESRC DTP Studentship, there are sources of funding available only for graduate students of the Department of Social Anthropology, most notably the William Wyse Bursary for students undertaking the MPhil or MRes, and the William Wyse Studentship for students undertaking the PhD.

Please see the Postgraduate Funding page for more information about postgraduate funding.



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