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Dr Jan-Jonathan Bock

Dr Jan-Jonathan Bock

Junior Research Fellow, The Woolf Institute

Visiting Scholar, St Edmund's College


MA (Hons) Social Anthropology, Cambridge
MPhil Social Anthropology, Cambridge
PhD Social Anthropology, Cambridge
(PhD Thesis: L'Aquila - The Social Consequences of Disaster and the Recovery of Everyday Life in an Italian Urban Environment)

Dr Bock has supervised for Part II Optional Paper: The Anthropology of Cities and Space and SAN6: Political Economy and Social Transformations

Research Interests

Urban anthropology; Italy; trust; resilience; local citizenship; belonging; intercultural dialogue.

I am part of a collaborative, interdisciplinary project on the production and conceptualisation of Trust in heterogeneous communities during times of crisis and austerity politics. We are exploring and comparing grassroots movements, intercultural projects,  and economic initiatives in four European cities - London, Paris, Berlin, and Rome - to improve our understanding of social resilience and local citizenship practices in the face of declining welfare states and disintegrating national identities. I am conducting research in Berlin and Rome.


Supervising undergraduate dissertation 'Urban transformations in post-socialist Berlin'