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Department of Social Anthropology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Elspeth Davies (2020) Research Title: Perceptions of Cancer and Competing Hierarchies of Risk Among Members of Socially Disadvantaged Groups in the UK , Supervisor: Dr Maryon McDonald
Juliet Davies-Horn (2015) Research Title: The empirical study of consciousness by cognitive neuroscientists in Denmark, Supervisor: Dr Maryon McDonald
Dr Juan M del Nido Philomathia Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Norma Deseke (2014) Research Title: Practices of Innovation & Ethics at the Intersection of Art, Science and Technology in Barcelona., Supervisor: Dr. Matei Candea
Dr Hildegard Diemberger Affiliated Lecturer, Fellow and College Lecturer, Pembroke College
Dr Susan Drucker-Brown Affiliated Researcher