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Department of Social Anthropology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Dr Iza Kavedžija Associate Professor of Medical Anthropology, Subject Manager (Anthropology), MPhil in Health Medicine and Society, Fellow, Robinson College, Office hours: appointment by email
Rachel Kay (2022) Research title: Working lives and environmental change in the Central Asian walnut trade, Supervisor: Andrew Sanchez
João Kelmer (2021) Research Title: An aesthetics of memory in indigenous Central Brazil: an ethnography of the Bororo mortuary ceremonies., Supervisor: Dr Rupert Stasch
Faten Khazaei Visiting Student, Research Title: Manufacturing Difference:Examining Culturalist Biases of Swiss Institutional Responses to Intimate Partner Violence, Supervisor: Dr Perveez Mody
Jaewan Kim (2023) Research Title: Zeal for Missions: An Ethnography of Evangelical Missionary Life of South Korea , Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
Gal Kramarski (2021) Research Title: Between Normalization and Normal Lives: Israeli Development Strategies in Occupied East Jerusalem , Supervisor: Professor Yael Navarro
Daniel Kraus-Vollert (2022) Research title: Disappearing in Amazonia. Indigenous narratives from the Papurí River, Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
Dr Riam Kuyakanon Knapp Research Associate, MIASU
Professor Heonik Kwon Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College