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Department of Social Anthropology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Elizabeth Ann Walsh (2016) Research Title: 'Like Ice Floes': Iñupiaq Sovereignty and Settler Migration on Alaska's North Slope, Supervisor: Dr Anita Herle
Joy Xin Yuan Wang (2020) Research Title: Time, power and women’s lives in Singapore , Supervisor: Dr Perveez Mody
Carolyn Wason Research Title: Conversion to Mormonism in Urban Mongolia, Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
Dr Helen Watson Fellow and Director of Studies, St John's College
Max Watson (2011) 
Research Title: Economies of Play: Work, Leisure and Digital Games in Canada, Supervisor: Dr Sian Lazar
Madeline Watt 01223 3 35435 Research Grants Administrator
Lyndsey West (2022) Research title: “Farmers’ livelihoods in upland Wales after Brexit”, Supervisor: Dr Andrew Sanchez
Dr Margaret Westbury Librarian, Haddon Library, Academic Services Librarian (Human and Social Science), Cambridge University Libraries, Fellow, Wolfson College
Dr Daniel White Affiliated Researcher
Dr Thomas White Research Associate
Dr Leanne Williams Green Junior Research Fellow (Trinity College)
Hugh Williamson (2013) Research Title: Between Nature and Politics: Agriculture & Sociality in the Saxon Villages of Transylvania, Romania, Supervisor: Dr Matei Candea

Erin Williamson (2018) Research Title:  Hope, values and temporality among migrants in Samos, Greece, Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
Dr Christina Woolner Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow