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Department of Social Anthropology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Joy Xin Yuan Wang (2020) Research Title: Time, power and women’s lives in Singapore , Supervisor: Dr Perveez Mody
Carolyn Wason Research Title: Conversion to Mormonism in Urban Mongolia, Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
Dr Helen Watson Fellow and Director of Studies, St John's College
Max Watson (2011) 
Research Title: Economies of Play: Work, Leisure and Digital Games in Canada, Supervisor: Dr Sian Lazar
Madeline Watt 01223 3 35435 Research Grants Administrator
Lyndsey West (2022) Research title: Farmers’ livelihoods in upland Wales, Supervisor: Dr Andrew Sanchez
Dr Leanne Williams Green Junior Research Fellow (Trinity College)
Hugh Williamson (2013) Research Title: Between Nature and Politics: Agriculture & Sociality in the Saxon Villages of Transylvania, Romania, Supervisor: Dr Matei Candea

Erin Williamson (2018) Research Title:  Hope, values and temporality among migrants in Samos, Greece, Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
Anna Wood Knowledge Exchange and Funding Facilitator for the Department of Social Anthropoloy, Research Associate
Dr Christina Woolner Affiliated Researcher