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Department of Social Anthropology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Dr Raquel Campos Editorial Assistant, Cambridge Encyclopedia of Anthropology
Dr Matei Candea Reader in Social Anthropology, Research Ethics Officer for the Department Social Anthropology, Senior Treasurer of CUSAS, Fellow and Director of Studies, King's College, Office hours: appointment by email
Danny Cardoza (2017) Research Title: Monologic technologies among Jehovah's Witnesses: Working out sameness in Satan's system of things, Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
Devi Chakrabarti (2019) Research Title:  The Afterlives of a Disaster: Post-Earthquake Reconstruction and Spiritual Life in Bhaktapur, Nepal, Supervisor: Professor Susan Bayly
Anna Clayton 01223 7 69335 MIASU Co-Administrator
Dr Timothy P. A. Cooper