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Department of Social Anthropology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Professor James Laidlaw Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology
Dr Camille Lardy Emmanuel-Social Anthropology Academic Career Fellow, Affiliated Lecturer, Bye-Fellow, Emmanuel College, Office hours: appointment by email
Dr Ben Laws Postdoctoral Research Associate, Religion and its Others in South Asia and the World (ROSA)
Professor Sian Lazar Professor of Social Anthropology, Head of the Department of Social Anthropology, Fellow, Clare College, Office hours: 11:30 - 12:30 Thursdays
Dr Johannes Lenhard Affiliated Researcher
Shuai Li (2013) Research Title: Great Leap Backward: An Ethnographic Inquiry into China’s Heritage Fever, Supervisor: Dr Uradyn E Bulag
Rachael Lindsay (2021) Research Title: Agency through time among unaccompanied children from Pakistan in Greece, Supervisor: Professor Yael Navarro
Xinying (Tracy) Liu (2019) Research Title: Fo Guang Shan Humanistic Buddhism in the PRC, Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
Fang Liu (2020) Research Title: Liberal Dilemmas: Re-thinking Liberalism through an Ethnographic Study of Contemporary Chinese Liberal Intellectuals , Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
Gabriel Liu (2022) Research title": “Corporate Care” in Hong Kong: Responsibility, Personhood and Subjectivities, Supervisor: Dr. Iza Kavedžija
Claudia Luna 01223 3 34599 Undergraduate Administrator