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Department of Social Anthropology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Sera Yeong Seo Park (2018) Research Title: Ethical, political, and affective landscapes of South Korea after the Sinking of the Sewol Ferry, Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
Falk Parra Witte (2011) Research Title: The Reality behind Ecology: Kogi Ontological Knowledge, Supervisor: Dr Françoise Barbira-Freedman
Dr Norbert Peabody Senior Research Fellow in Anthropology, Wolfson College
Libby Peachey 01223 3 34690 MIASU Administrator
Alice Pearson (2015) Research Title: The Discipline of Economics, Supervisor: Dr Andrew Sanchez
Tim Pöhlmann (2018) Research Title: Money, The State and Value in Javanese Neighborhood Communities, Supervisor: Dr Stasch
Tom Powell Davies (2015) Research Title: Ritual Feasting and the Re/organisation of the Space and Time of Social Life in Asmat, Indonesian Papua, Supervisor: Dr Rupert Stasch
Beja Protner (2019) Research Title:  Movements and emotional geographies of displacement and emplacement among recent migrants and refugees from Turkey in Greece, Supervisor: Dr Yael Navaro