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Department of Social Anthropology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Maria Sakirko (2020) Research Title: Not Here and Not There: The Narratives of Belonging among Second-generation Georgian Migrants in Moscow (Working Title), Supervisor: Professor Matei Candea
Dr Andrew Sanchez Associate Professor, Outreach Coordinator for Department of Social Anthropology, Fellow and Foundation Year Director of Studies, Wolfson College, Office hours: email by appointment
Dikshit Sarma Bhagabati (2023) Research Title: Human Rights in a Pre-Human World: Performative Restructurings of Human Rights Law in Vernacular Traditions, Supervisor: Professor Harri Englund
Frederick Schmidt Research Title: Art & Politics: Sketching a post-Ottoman Cartography, Supervisor: Dr Navaro
Frederick Schmidt (2018) Research Title: Pedagogies of Frontistíria within the Image-World of Metapolítefsi Greece (Working Title), Supervisor: Professor Yael Navaro
Dr Giulia Sciolli Affiliated Researcher
Dorothy Searle 01223 3 30908 Social Anthropology Department Administrator (Job share)
Dr Dolores Señorans Affiliated Lecturer
Arnav Sethi (2022) Research title: Exploring Psychotic Expressivity: Ethnographic Reflections on Psychiatric Music Therapy Practise in the UK, Supervisor: Dr. Iza Kavedžija
Tuya Shagdar (2019) Research Title: The postsocialist elites in Mongolia." Research interest: Elites, political economy, distinction, postsocialim and wealth., Supervisor: Professor David Sneath
Adam James Smith Affiliated Filmmaker, Visual Anthropology Lab
Professor David Sneath Caroline Humphrey Professor of Anthropology of Inner Asia, Director Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit (MIASU), Fellow, Corpus Christi, Office hours: appointment by email
Edurne Sosa El Fakih (2023) Research title: Selling Paradise: Wealth and Luxury Imaginaries’ Construction in Tourism, Supervisor: Andrew Sánchez
Portia Spinks (2018) Research Title: Down to the Countryside and Towards the Future: Reconfigurations of Space, Place and Identity within China's Eco Cities, Supervisor: Professor Caroline Humphrey
Theodore Stapleton (2021) Research Title: Secular-Sacred Hybridity in Chinese Buddhist Philanthropy: Ethical, Organisational and Political Strategies of The Loving Benevolence Foundation. , Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
Professor Rupert Stasch Professor of Social Anthropology, Director of Postgraduate Education and Chair, PhD Committee, Visual Anthropology Lab Manager, Fellow and Director of Studies, Sidney Sussex College, On sabbatical, returning Mich 24
Rotem Steinbock (2019) Research title: Otherness and Belonging among Jewish Israeli Visual Artists Immigrants in Berlin, Supervisor: Dr Rupert Stasch
Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern DBE, FBA Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology, Life Fellow, Girton College
HSPS Faculty IT Support 01223 7 62842