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Department of Social Anthropology


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Dr Susan MacDougall British Academy Fellow, Max Planck - Cambridge Centre for Ethics, Economy and Social Change
Professor Alan Macfarlane Emeritus Professor of Anthropological Science, Life Fellow, King's College, Fellow of the British Academy
Dr Marta Magalhães Wallace College Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Robinson College, Director of Studies, Homerton College, Director of Studies, St Edmunds College
Sarthak Malhotra (2018) Research Title: 'Walls tell stories': The production and use of heritage in contemporary India., Supervisor: Professor Susan Bayly
Ori Mautner Research Associate, ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Maryon McDonald Fellow and Director of Studies, Robinson College
Dr. Patrick McKearney Research Associate, Max Planck - Cambridge Centre for Ethics, Economy and Social Change, Affiliated Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology, By-Fellow, Churchill College
Dr Meredith McLaughlin Junior Research Fellow, Homerton College, THIS Institute Fellow
Malcolm McLean (2016) Research Title: Slaves to Righteousness: How do British conservative Evangelicals produce and practice their ethics?, Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
Sakari Mesimäki (2020) Research Title: Political participation in Japan, Supervisor: Dr Sian Lazar
Charlotte Mills (2019) Research Title: ‘Normal’ Bodies in Pain: Menstruation, Dysmenorrhea and Endometriosis among Women in Sydney, Supervisor: Dr Perveez Mody
Julia Modern (2014) 
Research Title: The disability rights movement in Bunyoro, Uganda: human rights, value, and negotiations of belonging, Supervisor: Professor Harri Englund
Dr Perveez Mody Associate Professor, Fellow & Director of Studies in Social Anthropology, King's College, on leave: Michaelmas 2021 and Lent 2022
Heidi Mogstad (2017) Research Title: Affective interventions: volunteer humanitarianism in response to the 'refugee crisis', Supervisor: Professor Harri Englund
Dr Nurul Huda Mohd Razif Evans Fellow, Postdoctoral Researcher at Centre Asie du Sud-Est, CASE
Claire Moll (2017) Research Title: Generating Confianza: Trust relationship in rural El Salvador, Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
Sally Montgomery (2020) Supervisor: Dr Perveez Mody
Edward Moon-Little (2017) Research Title: The Metaphysics of Pakhangba: Kingship and ritual in Manipur, Supervisor: Dr Mark Elliott
Dr Natalie Camille Morningstar Affiliated Lecturer, ESRC Fellow
Jacinta Victoria S Muinde (2013) Research Title: Woman-Household Headship, Cash Transfers and Matrilineal Relations in the Kenya South Coast, Supervisor: Professor Henrietta Moore

Ellen Myers (2019) Research Title: Dance Festivals and Multicultural Nationalism among indonesian University Students, Supervisor: Dr Rupert Stasch