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Lea Taragin-Zeller

Lea Taragin-Zeller

Visiting Student

Research Title: The Varieties of Religious Reproduction - An Anthropological study of Orthodox Family Planning in Contemporary Israel

Advisor: Dr. Yael Navaro and Prof. Nurit Stadler

Research Interests

Anthropology of Religion, Family, Gender, Reproduction, Contraception

Key Publications

Taragin-Zeller, Lea, 2014, Modesty for Heaven’s Sake: Authority and Creativity among Female Ultra-Orthodox Teenagers in Israel, Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women’s Studies & Gender Issues 26,p. 75- 96

Taragin-Zeller, Lea, 2015, Women’s Modesty as a Religious Concept and Sociological Tool. In: Fishman Barack, Sylvia (ed.), Love, Marriage, and Jewish Families Today: Paradoxes of the Gender Revolution, Brandeis University Press, Waltham Massachusetts, Published by University Press of New England, p. 308- 326