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Department of Social Anthropology


The Henry Ling Roth Fund provides support for students in the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge for research and for conference attendance.

Research Fund

A small number of scholarships will be offered from the Henry Ling Roth Fund during the current academic year. The scholarships, which carry a value of up to £1,000, are awarded on merit. They are intended particularly for PhD research students in their final year who can demonstrate progress towards completing their PhD thesis and who have no other funds. If funds are available, awards of up to £1,500 may be considered for students with exceptional need.

Scholarships are offered to aid research in Social Anthropology (formerly known as Ethnology) and the publication of the results of such research. They are open to any member of the University who is working or has worked in the Department of Social Anthropology

How to Apply

Apply to the Henry Ling Roth Secretary by e-mailing with a request for the application form and also giving details of your present progress and when you expect to finish your PhD. Two references must be submitted by the same closing date in support of your application. Students should ask their supervisor and their Faculty advisor for references in support of their applications. Providing such references is one of the roles of both supervisors and Faculty Advisors.  As an alternative, students may seek a reference from another member of Department staff who has knowledge of their current work.  It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the references are received by the deadline.

If your financial situation is relevant to your case, please provide full details. Submissions should be typed.

Completed application forms should be returned via email to: References should be sent to the same email address. 

The closing dates are:
5 November and 11 March


Conference Award

Alongside the scholarship, there is a Ling Roth Conference Award. The Department has some limited funds to help towards the cost of PhD students attending conferences. Please read the following guidance notes carefully.

NOTE: Many Colleges also have funds that cover some or all of these kinds of expenses. Where possible, the Ling Roth Managers would normally expect applicants to have made a parallel application to their College.

Priority is given to those who will also be presenting a paper. Retrospective applications aren’t allowed (‘except in exceptional circumstances’).

How to Apply

If you have attended, or are thinking of attending a conference and need help with the costs of travel, accommodation, etc., you should write a letter of application with a case and budget, addressed to:

The Managers, Ling Roth Fund, c/o

Your application letter should address the following points:

  • Title, place, date, organising persons/bodies, etc. of conference and details of the particular session(s) you will be attending
  • Title and short abstract (5 line max) of the paper you will be giving
  • Relevance of the conference to your current research
  • Other roles you may have (organiser/editor) of proceedings, etc.
  • Itemised budget indicating total costs (travel, accommodation, subsistence, conference fees, etc.)
  • Other sources of finance received or applied for
  • Sum of the contribution sought from the Department

The application should be brief, succinct and in note form.

A ‘Declaration of Intent’ must be included with your application where the following is stated:    

‘My signature is a contractual undertaking that confirms I will only spend any awarded funds in line with details of the above application’

This statement should be followed by the date and your signature.

Grants awarded are usually small (usually £100-500).


The closing dates for applications are:
5 November, 11 March and 10 June. Retrospective applications aren’t allowed (‘except in exceptional circumstances’).