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Department of Social Anthropology


Induction week

Below is the schedule for Induction week 2019. All students are expected to attend the events listed below, so please let the Graduate Administrator, (graduate-secretary [at] know if you cannot attend any of the activities.

All events take place in the Department of Social Anthropology unless specified otherwise.

Date Time Description and Location
All-year SSRMP Skills audit, online at SSRMC
Tue 08 October Morning Health & safety induction, Babbage Lecture Theatre
Wed 09 October 11:30 Pre-Field Induction, Department of Social Anthropology
Wed 09 October 16:00 Introduction to the (SSRMP), Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick site
Wed 09 October 17:00 SSRMC booking window opens, University Training & Booking System
Thu 10 October 09:00 Teaching begins, see MRes/PhD1 Timetables
Fri 11 October 18:00 Social Anthropology welcome party, Museum of Arch & Anth
Mon 14 October Morning Welcome meeting with pre-field tutor & PhD Chair, Department of Social Anthropology


Course diary

The diary contains term dates, course submission deadlines and deadlines for funding amongst other useful information. For a teaching timetable, please see the Timetables.

MRes in Social Anthropology 2019-20
Thursday 10 October Michaelmas Term teaching begins
Friday 12 October 17:00 Deadline - Nominations for pre-field cohort PhD Committee Junior Member
tbc Election for nomination of pre-field cohort PhD Committee Junior Member
Friday 25 October Research Training Paper titles released
Monday 25 November Fieldwork Risk Assessment Form due for Christmas vacation fieldwork
Thursday 7 January Application funding deadline for continuation to the PhD  (GRADSAF)
Thursday 16 January Lent Term teaching begins
Friday 17 January Application deadline for William Wyse Scholarship applications
Friday 17 January Noon Submission deadline for Research Training Paper (RTP) 1
Friday 28 February Fieldwork Risk Assessment Form due for Easter vacation fieldwork
Friday 13 March Lent Full Term ends
Thursday 23 April Easter Term teaching begins
Friday 1 May Noon Submission deadline for Research Training Paper (RTP) 2
Friday 1 May Noon Submission deadline for Ethnographic Case Study
Wednesday 13 May Noon deadline for submitting MRes thesis title for approval
Friday 12 June Easter Term ends, update contact details in your CamSIS self-service account
Friday 28 August Noon Submission deadline for MRes thesis
Monday 14 September Noon Submission deadline for Fieldwork Proposal
Late September MRes viva voce examinations (if required)*
Late September/ Early October Fieldwork clearance interviews (for those continuing to PhD)
Early October 2020 Application deadline for University Fieldwork Funding
9 October 2020 Application deadline for Wyse Fieldwork Funding

* An oral examination is only necessary if a candidate is in danger of failing

A staff-student coffee morning is held during Full Term - you will be notified of the time and date.

Academic calendar

  • The Cambridge academic year commences on 1st October and finishes on 30th September each year and is made up of three terms: Michaelmas, Lent, and Easter.
  • “Full term” means the eight-week central portion of each of the three terms (Michaelmas, Lent and Easter), during which teaching takes place.
  • Graduate students operate on the basis of the academic year which extends beyond the end of the Easter Term are expected to be in residence at all times, even outside of Full Term, unless they have been granted leave to work away.

For specific term dates please see University Term Dates.