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Department of Social Anthropology


Mongolia (Libby Peachey, 2013)


The Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit is a dynamic interdisciplinary research unit at the University of Cambridge based within the Department of Social Anthropology. It was founded in 1986 by Professor Caroline Humphrey and Professor Urgunge Onon and has since become a centre of international importance for studies on the region.

Current research themes include:

  • Political formations in regional contexts of Inner Asia.
  • The Book – Tibetan and Mongolian sacred books: text, technologies and transmission.
  • Cities and borders –  interfaces and interactions across political frontiers in Inner Asia.
  • The Environment – pastoralism, land-use, and climate change.

Seminars are usually held during term time at the Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit in the Mond Building Seminar Room, Tuesdays, 4.30–6.00pm. For more information please see MIASU Events. 

To find out more, please see the dedicated website for the Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit.

To contact the administrators please email: