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Students taking the MPhil in Social Anthropological Research are supervised on an individual basis. In addition, students attend a core course seminar, run fortnightly throughout the year, and choose a total of six specialist modules to attend during Michaelmas and the first half of Lent term. All the papers to be offered are new. See below for further details. 


Core seminar

The core course runs fortnightly and covers contemporary themes in social anthropology as well as professional and skills development. The latter includes training in writing research proposals, blogs, news items and comment pieces; producing podcasts or other audiovisual material; preparing research presentations. 


Specialist modules

Provisional specialist modules can be found here.



Students are examined on 

  • One 13,000 word dissertation;
  • Two 5,000 word essays on subjects chosen by the candidate, which may not be the same subject as the dissertation; 
  • One 2,000 word practical writing exercise. The range of possible formats will be announced before the course begins, and can include a PhD research proposal, a blog post, newspaper article, policy report.





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