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Living the Law


For successful completion of the course, MPhil SAR students must submit the following written work for examination:

  • One practical writing exercise of not more than 2,000 words. The format for this exercise will be announced before the course begins, and can include the following (PhD research proposal, a blog post, newspaper or magazine article, short policy report, podcast, video).

This exercise counts for 10% of the candidate’s overall mark for the course.

  • Two independently-written, analytical essays of not more than 5,000 words, including title page and footnotes, but excluding figures, tables, appendices and bibliography, on a subject chosen by the candidate and approved by the Degree Committee. The subject of the essays must not overlap with that of the dissertation.  The cover page for the 5,000 word essays must contain the title of the work with your full name underneath. Near the bottom of the page the following statement should appear: 'Assessed essay submitted in fulfillment of the requirements of the MPhil Degree in Social Anthropological Research’ together with a statement of the number of words (see above).

Each essay counts for 20% of the candidate’s overall mark for the course (i.e. 40% in total)

  • A dissertation of not more than 13,000 words, on a subject approved by the Archaeology, Anthropology and Sociology Degree Committee, which must not overlap with the subject of any assessed essay offered by the candidate.

The dissertation counts for 50% of the candidate’s overall mark for the course.