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Living the Law


For successful completion of the course, MPhil SAR students must submit the following written work for examination:

  • One practical writing exercise of not more than 2,000 words. The format for this exercise will be announced before the course begins, and can include a PhD research proposal, a blog post, newspaper article, or short policy report. (Possible formats for 2021-22: PhD research proposal, blog post, newspaper or magazine article, short policy report, podcast, video.)

This exercise is examined on a pass/fail basis, and counts for 10% of the candidate’s overall mark for the course.

  • Two independently-written, analytical essays of not more than 5,000 words, including title page and footnotes, but excluding figures, tables, appendices and bibliography, on a subject chosen by the candidate and approved by the Degree Committee. The subject of the essays must not overlap with that of the dissertation.

Each essay counts for 20% of the candidate’s overall mark for the course (i.e. 40% in total)

  • A dissertation of not more than 13,000 words, on a subject approved by the Archaeology, Anthropology and Sociology Degree Committee, which must not overlap with the subject of any assessed essay offered by the candidate.

The dissertation counts for 50% of the candidate’s overall mark for the course.