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Department of Social Anthropology


For a list of past students since 2008 please see PhDs Awarded

Research Title: Between “Islamic Piety” And “Britishness”: Ethical Self-Making
Among Devout British Muslim Women
Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
 Alex  Archer (2018)
Research Title: Men out standing in their field: An ethnography of the flock and the fell in the English Dales and Lakes
Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
Research Title: Christianity, Gendered Imaginaries and Changing Ni-Vanatu Notions of Personhood
Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
 Mohammed Uzair Belgami (2018)
Research Title: 'Al-Ulama Warith Al-Anbiya' The Constitution of Islamic Scholars in Mauritania
Superviser: Professor Joel Robbins
 Mikkel Kenni Bruun (2015)
Research Title: Scientific Persuasions: ethnographic reflections on evidence-based psychological therapy
Supervisor: Dr Maryon McDonald
 Kasia  Buzanska (2017)
Research Title: Schooled Bodies & Voices: The Making of Plurinational Citizens in Cochabamba's Zona Sur
Supervisor: Dr Sian Lazar
 Danny  Cardoza (2017)
Research Title: Monologic technologies among Jehovah's Witnesses: Working out sameness in Satan's system of things
Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
 Devi  Chakrabarti (2019)
Research Title:  The Afterlives of a Disaster: Post-Earthquake Reconstruction and Spiritual Life in Bhaktapur, Nepal
Supervisor: Professor Susan Bayly
 Thandeka  Cochrane (2015)
Research Title: Telling Tales: Struggles of power, discourse and epistemology in southern Africa
Supervisor: Prof Harri Englund
Research Title: The empirical study of consciousness by cognitive neuroscientists in Denmark
Supervisor: Dr Maryon McDonald
 Norma  Deseke (2014)
Research Title: Practices of Innovation & Ethics at the Intersection of Art, Science and Technology in Barcelona.
Supervisor: Dr. Matei Candea
Research Title: Democracy, Morality and Imagination: the Importance of Elections in a Chewa Village in Rural Malawi
Supervisor: Professor Harri Englund
 David  Ginsborg (2016)
Research Title: We don’t know what we’re saying: Irony, community, and resistance politics among the ultras of CS Lebowski football club in Florence, Italy
Supervisor: Dr Matei Candea
Research Title: "Global Climate Change and Christian Theology in Kiribati"
Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
 Victoria  Hall (2016)
Research Title: Imaginal Selves, Complexities of Personhood, and Multiplicities of Narrative: Religious Pluralism and Changing Environmental/Ecological Awarenesses in Uttarakhand
Supervisor: Dr Francoise Barbira-Freedman
Research Title: The science of cities: an ethnography of evidence-based approaches to urban design, the politics of data and scientific thinking in Scandinavia
Supervisor: Dr Maryon McDonald
 Sophia Marie Hornbacher-Schönleber (2016)
Research Title: The Politics and Ethics of Progressive Muslim Activists in Java
Supervisor: Dr. Paolo Heywood
Research Title: Miracle grain: Indigeneity and the globalisation of quinoa from the Bolivian Altiplano
Supervisor: Dr Sian Lazar

Research Title: Water in the Indian Himalayas
Supervisor: Dr Hildegard Diemberger
 Jan  Jensen (2018)
Research Title: Clear Message: Christian dialogics of morality in the Faroe Islands
Supervisor: Dr Stasch
Research Title:  Suzhi education and moral evaluation in the People's Republic
Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
 Nicholas  Lackenby (2015)
Research Title: Time, History and Divinity amongst Serbian Orthodox Christians
Supervisor: Prof Joel Robbins
 Camille  Lardy (2015)
Research Title: ‘Caring for our Common Home’: Catholic Engagements in Secular Politics and Ecological Activism in Lyon, France
Supervisor: Dr Matei Candea
 Xinying (Tracy)  Liu (2019)
Research Title: Beyond Ethical Borders, Achieving Self-transformation: Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Movement in Catholic Philippines.
Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
 Peter  Lockwood (2015)
Research Title: The Promise of Prosperity: Households, Generations and the Moral Economy of Wealth in Central Kenya
Supervisor: Prof Harri Englund
 Michael  Long (2015)
Research Title: Discovering Epic, Constructing Culture: Culture-Politics on China’s Western Frontier
Supervisor: Professor David Sneath
Research Title:  Homeless Mothers' Experience of Caregiving in Dublin, Ireland
Supervisor: Dr Perveez Mody
 Sarthak  Malhotra (2018)
Research Title: 'Walls tell stories': The production and use of heritage in contemporary India.
Supervisor: Professor Susan Bayly
 Zuzanna  Marciniak Nuqui (2015)
Research Title: "Good Migration": Navigating Catholic and State Visions for Migrants in Singapore
Supervisor: Prof Susan Bayly
 Ori  Mautner (2016)
Research Title: Between ‘Repairing the Self’ and ‘Repairing the World’: The Practice of Insight Meditation among Israeli Jews
Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
Research Title: Slaves to Righteousness: How do British conservative Evangelicals produce and practice their ethics?
Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
Research Title: 'Normal' Bodies in Pain: Menstruation and Endometriosis among Women in the United Kingdom
Supervisor: Dr Perveez Mody

Research Title: The disability rights movement in Bunyoro, Uganda: human rights, value, and negotiations of belonging
Supervisor: Professor Harri Englund
 Heidi  Mogstad (2017)
Research Title: Affective interventions: volunteer humanitarianism in response to the 'refugee crisis'
Supervisor: Professor Harri Englund
 Claire  Moll (2017)
Research Title: Generating Confianza: Trust relationship in rural El Salvador
Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
Research Title: The Metaphysics of Pakhangba: Kingship and ritual in Manipur
Supervisor: Dr Mark Elliott
 Ellen  Myers (2019)
Research Title: Dance Festivals and Multicultural Nationalism among indonesian University Students
Supervisor: Dr Rupert Stasch
 Angel  Naydenov (2017)
Research Title: Mastering Time: Rhythms of Work and Celebration in a Chinese Village.
Supervisor: Dr Bulag
 Thressia  Octaviani (2018)
Research Title: Local Travel Clubs on Sumba, Indonesia: Rootedness and Cosmopolitan Encounters
Supervisor: Dr Stasch
Research Title: 'Illegality', race and subjectivity: being an undocumented migrant in contemporary Italy
Supervisor: Dr Perveez Mody
 Sera Yeong Seo Park (2018)
Research Title: Ethical, political, and affective landscapes of South Korea after the Sinking of the Sewol Ferry
Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
 Alice   Pearson (2015)
Research Title: The Discipline of Economics
Supervisor: Dr Andrew Sanchez
 Tim  Pöhlmann (2018)
Research Title: Money, The State and Value in Javanese Neighborhood Communities
Supervisor: Dr Stasch
 Tom  Powell Davies (2015)
Research Title: Ritual Feasting and the Re/organisation of the Space and Time of Social Life in Asmat, Indonesian Papua
Supervisor: Dr Rupert Stasch
Research Title:  Movements and emotional geographies of displacement and emplacement among recent migrants and refugees from Turkey in Greece
Supervisor: Dr Yael Navaro
 Summer  Qassim (2019)
Research Title: Being Good Women: The Performance of Femininity and Euro-American Counterpublics
Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
 Yi  Qiao (2015)
Research Title: Historicity, Ethics and Change in a Chinese City
Supervisor: Prof Joel Robbins
Research Title: Huddled Masses: Citizenship, Death, and the unclaimed body in New York City
Supervisor: Dr Lazar
 Lucia  Rojas Rodriguez (2016)
Research Title: From the hacienda to the uprising: community, memory and historical narrative among indigenous leaders in Simiatug - Ecuador
Supervisor: Sian Lazar
 Emmanuelle  Roth (2016)
Research Title: After/before an Ebola outbreak: waiting for a new epidemic 'emergence' in Forest Guinea
Supervisor: Dr Maryon McDonald
 Javier  Ruiz (2019)
Research Title: Manufacturing Contemporary Art: Craft and Automation in Carrara’s Workshops
Supervisor: Dr Andrew Sanchez
 Giulia  Sciolli (2017)
Research Title: Between ‘Force’ and ‘Choice’, ‘Involvement’ and ‘Detachment’: Striving for Good Care in an Eating Disorders Treatment Centre in Italy
Supervisor: Dr Maryon McDonald
 Tuya  Shagdar (2019)
Research Title: The postsocialist elites in Mongolia." Research interest: Elites, political economy, distinction, postsocialim and wealth.
Supervisor: Professor David Sneath
Research Title: Down to the Countryside and Towards the Future: Reconfigurations of Space, Place and Identity within China's Eco Cities
Supervisor: Professor Caroline Humphrey
 Jasmin  Tabakovic (2018)
Research Title: Nervoza: Archival-to-Everyday Affectual Entanglements in Post-War Sarajevo
Supervisor: Dr Yael Navaro
 Zoia  Tarasova (2016)
Research Title: Human anxieties, bovine solutions: a discourse on conservation of a native cattle breed in northeastern Siberia.
Supervisor: Dr Piers Vitebsky
 Alexander  Taylor (2014)
Research Title: Future-proofing the Digital World: Data Centre Security and the Threats of Electromagnetic Pulse and Space Weather
Supervisor: Dr Christos Lynteris
 Laura  Tradii (2017)
Research Title: Traces of war, Eastern identities, and socio-political changes in rural Eastern Germany
Supervisor: Dr Paola Filippucci
 Lee-Shan  Tse (2017)
Research Title: Othering, identity and home-space: experiencing diasporic community in the global gateway of Hong Kong
Supervisor: Professor Susan Bayly
 Samuel  Victor (2018)
Research Title:"Truth or Love?": Orthodoxy, pluralism and the ethics of relationships at a church in Tennessee
Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
 Elizabeth Ann Walsh (2016)
Research Title: 'Like Ice Floes': Iñupiaq Sovereignty and Settler Migration on Alaska's North Slope
Supervisor: Dr Anita Herle
 Carolyn  Wason (2018)
Research Title: Christian clerical formation as negation of the British secular  
Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
 Michael  Waters (2018)
Research Title: Changing Climates, Shifting Worlds: Exploring the Articulation of Scientific and Indigenous Knowledges in Utqiaġvik, Alaska
Supervisor: Dr Hildegard Diemberger
 Natasha  Wessel-Bjerregaard (2019)
Research Title: Equality as sameness: Figurations of the future in Swedish exceptionalism.
Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
 Erin  Williamson (2018)
Research Title:  Hope, values and temporality among migrants in Samos, Greece
Supervisor: Professor Joel Robbins
Research Title: Planning for the Future: Inhabiting and making inhabitable a new Palestinian City
Supervisor: Professor James Laidaw
 Frederick  Wojnarowski (2016)
Research Title - Unsettling Times: land, political economy and protest in the Bedouin villages of Central Jordan
Supervisor - Professor David Sneath
 Anna  Wood (2015)
Research Title: Am nit, am xalis (having people, having money): an ethnography of distribution in Dakar, Senegal
Supervisor: Prof Harri Englund
 Kevin  Yildirim (2019)
Research Title:  Slipping through the Net: Informality and Migrant Labour in Istanbul’s Recycling Sector
Supervisor: Dr Andrew Sanchez
 Liangliang  Zhang (2017)
Research Title: "Action through Non-action”: Self-making and Citizen-making through the Wudang School Self-Cultivation Network in the PRC
Supervisor: Professor James Laidlaw
Research Title: At the Interstices of States: A Study of Chinese Workers in Mongolia
Supervisor: Dr Uradyn Bulag