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Department of Social Anthropology


Criminal Capital


Since 2006 I have conducted ethnographic field research in the Indian industrial city of Jamshedpur. My first research in that Criminal Capital (Sanchez)city addressed criminality in trade unions, corporations & the state, and considered the relationship between those processes and declining employment security in formal sector industry. This research makes three major contributions. First, the project suggests a new conceptual distinction between what I term ‘episodic’ and ‘systemic’ models of corruption. Second, the project critically examines the relationship between bureaucratic corruption and other forms of criminality. Third, the project provides an empirical and conceptual interrogation of the relationship between capitalism and systemic criminality.

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council

Dr Andrew  Sanchez
Associate Professor
Outreach Coordinator for Department of Social Anthropology
Fellow and Foundation Year Director of Studies, Wolfson College
Office hours: email by appointment