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Listen to Camthropod podcasts and audio recordings of events from the Department of Social Anthropology:

Camthropod LogoAn Interview with Max Bolt

Kevin Yildirim and Javier Ruiz

Camthropod Episode 21, 27 February 2020


Camthropod Logo

Anthropology Beyond the Academy:  Public Health 

Camthropod Logo

Dr Sian Lazar (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 20, June 2019

Anthropology Beyond the Academy: Diplomacy

David Sneath (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 19, Thursday 21 February 2019


Camthropod LogoCircus Stories

Laura Byng (University of Cambridge) 

Camthropod Episode 18, Thursday 15 November 2018


Camthropod LogoAn interview with Michael Puett  

Beth Turk (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 17, Friday 2 February 2018


Camthropod Logo An interview with David MacDougall

Rafael Dernbach (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 16, Friday 24 November 2017


Camthropod LogoAn interview with Ilana Gershon

Oliver Balch (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 15, Friday 27 October 2017


Camthropod Logo

Thinking about Vision. An investigation with visually-impaired theatre-goers and audio describers

Harsha Balasubramanian (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 14, Friday 10 March 2017 

Camthropod LogoWelcome to Dataworld

Alex Taylor (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 13, Friday 10 February 2017


Camthropod LogoWicked problems in the world of debt advice

Ryan Davey (LSE) and Carl Packman

Camthropod Episode 12, Friday 25 November 2016


Camthropod LogoBirdsong

Jonathan Woolley and Hugh Williamson (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 11, Friday 11 November 2016


Camthropod LogoAn Interview with Richard Werbner

Joe Philp (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 10, Friday 28 October 2016


Camthropod Logo

MIASU at 30

Dr Sian Lazar (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 9, Friday 14 October 2016


Camthropod LogoYour Local

Farhan Samanani (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 8, Friday 10 June 2016


Camthropod LogoAn Interview with Tanya Luhrmann

Dr Rupert Stasch (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 7, Friday 27 May 2016


Camthropod LogoSounds of Protest

Dr Sian Lazar (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 6, Friday 13 May 2016 


Camthropod LogoHiddo Dhawr: Singing Love in(to) Somaliland

Christina Woolner (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 5, Friday 29 April 2016 


Camthropod LogoAn Interview with Anna Tsing

Corinna Howland and Christina Woolner (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 4, Friday 4 March 2016


Camthropod LogoTreating English Handicaps: Spoken English Training Centres in Bangalore, India

Dr Sazana Jayadeva (Affiliated researcher, The German Institute of Global and Area Studies)

Camthropod Episode 3, Friday 19 February 2016


Camthropod Logo

Save the Date

Patrick O'Hare (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 2, Friday 5 February 2016


Camthropod Logo

Gogo Breeze and Radio Kinship

Professor Harri England (University of Cambridge)

Camthropod Episode 1, Friday 22 January 2016


Dr Piliavsky - Senior SeminarThe morals of effect in north India's goonda raj (rule of strongmen)

Dr Anastasia Piliavsky (University of Cambridge)

Senior Research Seminar, Friday 30 October 2015


Mond Building, New Museums SiteImperial Transgressions: The Histories of the Animal and Human in Race Science

Dr Sujit Sivasundaram (University of Cambridge)

Senior Research Seminar, Friday 22 May 2015


Book sculpture, Cambridge“The Revolution is Not a Wedding Reception”: queer activism and recursive anthropology

Dr Paolo Heywood (University of Cambridge)

Senior Research Seminar, Friday 1 May 2015


Archway, CambridgeMending Mother’s Kitchen: Negotiating Pentecostal Values on the Zambian Copperbelt

Dr Naomi Haynes (University of Edinburgh)

Senior Research Seminar, Friday 6 February 2015


Pope calls for repentance, July 2013Salvage as salvation: the moral, the political and the scales of hospitality from the middle of the sea

Dr Naor Ben-Yehoyada (University of Cambridge)

Senior Research Seminar, Friday 23 January 2015


Cam riverFormal friendships in Amazonia – a reconsideration

Dr Anne-Christine Taylor (Director of Research, CNRS)

Senior Research Seminar, Friday 16 January 2015


Archway, CambridgeVarieties of Pluralisms

Professor Philippe Descola (College de France)

Senior Research Seminar, Friday 28 November 2014


Mathematical Bridge, CambridgeInhabiting democracy: politics as a personal and cultural construction in post-Suharto Indonesia

Dr. Nick Long (LSE)

Senior Research Seminar, Friday 14 November 2014


Bridge of Sighs, CambridgeOn Freedom, Destiny, and Consequences

Dr Samuli Shielke (Zentrum Moderner Orient)

Senior Research Seminar, Friday 16 May 2014


Mongar Dzong Tshechu Dancers in Eastern Bhutan (Jonathan Taee, 2013)Trading Worlds: Everyday Diplomacy on The Frontiers of South and Central Asia

Professor Magnus Marsden (University of Sussex)

Senior Research Seminar, Friday 14 February 2014


C Toren Senior SeminarHistory as it is Lived: an Anthropological Perspective on Autonomy, Contingency And Historical Necessity

Professor Christina Toren (University of St Andrews)

Senior Research Seminar, Friday 22 November 2012