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Department of Social Anthropology


HimalConnect: Network and Knowledge-Sharing Workshops in Nepal and Bhutan


Himal Connect Knowledge Sharing

Two network and knowledge-sharing workshops building on the Himalayan Connections project will be held in Nepal and Bhutan. The two-day workshops will involve participants from local, provincial and national levels of governance and be co-hosted by our DAC partners ICIMOD in Kathmandu (Sept 2019) and the College for Language and Culture Studies, Royal University of Bhutan, in Thimphu (June 2020). Conceptualised from village-level outwards (rather than ‘top down’ from central government), we will bring together key environmental stakeholders and knowledge brokers who hold significant roles at different decision-making levels. Workshop objectives are to initiate dialogue, share knowledge and open new networking pathways in environmental decision-making for remote communities facing complex socio-natural challenges of climate change, such as glacial lake outburst floods.

GCRF (2019–20)