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Department of Social Anthropology


Shared Risk - ACED

Dr Kelly Fagan Robinson (PI) -  Shared Risk 


Cancer early detection encompasses a diverse collective of researchers, each of whom represent different kinds of expertise and who rely on varied data collection methods, analysis and related outputs.

When we sit down to discuss early detection it is common to situate risk within one of three areas of evidence:

  1. The statistical,
  2. The clinical,
  3. The social.

Shared Risk is a series of short-form online courses (mini-MOOCs) to demystify risk evidence sharing. By thinking about the different contributions we each make to understanding risk (whether data scientist, clinician, anthropologist or member of the public) we will improve our shared knowledge and achieve the best possible outcomes for the people our research serves.

This mini-MOOC series is the result of an ACED Skills Exchange and Development award. It features the real presentations of the cancer scientists who took part in the exchange. Through developing this series, our team hope to:

  1. Broaden understanding of 'data' across cancer research disciplines;
  2. Bring together cross-disciplinary understanding of risk;
  3. Improve qualitative and quantitative data-sharing; and
  4. Introduce undergraduates, postgraduates, and early career researchers to different cancer research pathways, equipping them with improved tools for more effective research design and findings communication.

Dr Kelly Fagan Robinson, University of Cambridge works on this project together with colleagues from CRUK Cambridge Centre and the University of Manchester.




Dr Kelly Fagan Robinson
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Fellow and Postgraduate Tutor, Clare Hall college
Postdoctoral Researcher at the Early Cancer Research Institute
Affiliated Lecturer
HMS Anthropology Examiner