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Preparing for the boat race

Julia Robert's PhD research title: Career Choice and the Good Life for Labor Entrants in Precarious Japan


My research attempts to trace the emergence of institutionalized volunteerism among Lao youth in Northern Lao PDR. My 11-month field experience was based primarily in Luang Prabang but included three months in Vientiane as well as several weeks traveling between Vientiane and the Cambodian border.

Preparing for the Boat Race

After a boat blessing ceremony performed by local monks, community members carefully maneuver their enormous vessel to the Mekong River to compete in the annual Boat Racing Festival.


Night Views on the Mekong

Young boys watch the sunset across the Mekong River. Here the Mekong marks the narrow boundary between the vastly different worlds of Lao PDR and Thailand. 


Night scene in a red bar

Friends gather to enjoy iced Beer Lao and karaoke after a sultry day in Vientiane Capital.