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Department of Social Anthropology


Research Ethics Approval

All members of the Department conducting research must apply for ethical approval from the Ethics Committee.

The Research Operations Office website on Ethics in Research gives details of how ethical approval is managed within the University.

You are asked to read and sign an initial disclaimer on the preliminary application form stating that your research conforms to the ethical standards set out by the university and the Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA).

If your application is successful, you will be asked to undergo a full ethics review.

The review will be carried out by the Ethics Committee.  The Committee may refer it to the Human and Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee (HSS REC) if the issues are particularly complex or high-risk.  

The full ethics review needs to be completed, reviewed and approved before the start date of your project. The RGA will be initiating the review and approval process two months before the start date.

Therefore it is important that you keep your unit admin and the RGA informed about the outcome of your application.