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Department of Social Anthropology


The Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Documentation Project (2014–19)

Creating a shared resource for the endangered culture of the Kalmyks. Kalmyk Cultural Heritage

Almost four centuries ago ancestors of the Kalmyk people trekked across central Asia to form a Buddhist nation on the edge of Europe. Today Kalmyk communities are scattered across Eurasia, with the largest group in the Republic of Kalmykia.

The aim of this project is to audio-video document Kalmyk culture in the broadest sense and to produce a comprehensive database on the endangered cultural heritage of the Kalmyks. This knowledge, deposited in open-access digital archives, will provide Kalmyk communities with a resource that they can draw upon to compare, revive and popularise their endangered culture in the future.

Funded by ARCADIA funded project Dr Uradyn Bulag with Dr Baasanjav Terbish and Dr Elvira Churyumova.

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Dr Uradyn E Bulag
Research Ethics Officer
Fellow, Selwyn College
Office hours: appointment by email