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Department of Social Anthropology


Professor Bayly, VietnamThrough Professor Susan Bayly’s role as International Adviser to a number of leading Vietnamese museums and other public heritage institutions, her research expertise on Vietnam’s history and present has contributed significantly to the cultural self-affirmation strategies of this important South East Asian nation. Professor Bayly has been especially influential in supporting these institutions’ educational and staff development programmes. Since 2009 she has collaborated with the Vietnam Association of Cultural Heritage and its affiliated Centre for Research and Promotion of the Cultural Heritage of Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi, the Presidential Palace in Ho Chi Minh City, and the Vietnam Women’s Museum. She also served as educational project advisor of the National Museum of History in Hanoi, the Vietnam Revolution Museum, and the Vietnam Association of Ethnologists, channelling anthropological knowledge back to the wider community. Recent groundbreaking exhibitions at the Vietnam Women’s Museum include “Single Mothers’ Voices” and “Worshipping Mother Goddesses:  Pure Heart – Beauty – Joy”.

For more information in Vietnamese see the following news article .

Professor Susan  Bayly
Professor Emerita of Historical Anthropology
Fellow, Tutor and Director of Studies, Christ's College
Office hours: appointment by email