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Department of Social Anthropology


We are very happy to announce the winners of the first Max Cam seminar and mobility grants.

For the seminar grants we gave out two awards of £2,500 this term.  First, Liangliang Zhang and Ori Mautner are going to put together a workshop entitled ‘Self-Fashioning in Flux: The Entanglement of Interiorities with Political and Economic Changes’ in Lent term.  Second, Corinna Howland, Peter Lockwood, Tom Powell Davies and Sofía Ugarte will organise a workshop under the heading ‘Taking the bad with the good: Negative ethics and (im)morality of exchange’ in Easter term.

We also awarded one mobility grant on the Cambridge side of Max Cam.  Laura Tradii will spend part of Lent term at our partner institute in Halle.  In turn, we will have three visitors over the course of the coming term.  Michal Sipor and Nikolaos Olma will come to us from Halle while Yang Shen will visit from Göttingen.

Congratulations to all the grant recipients!  We will let you know once the exact dates for the seminars and the visits have been confirmed.

The next round of applications will open in February. For more details