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Request to be Listed as a Social Anthropology UG Supervisor

Expression of Interest to be Listed as a Prospective Supervisor for Social Anthropology Undergraduate Papers

If you are a social anthropologist and wish to be considered as an undergraduate supervisor for Social Anthropology papers for the next academic year, you will need to complete below the Request to be Listed as a Social Anthropology UG Supervisor form by Thursday 30 April 2020

The Department puts together a list of suitable prospective supervisors for each paper to assist Directors of Studies in the Colleges who are responsible for the appointment (and payment) of supervisors.  The Department does this to support the College system of undergraduate supervision.  In most cases, the Department will only agree to consider people (especially first time supervisors) for 1 or 2 papers in a given year.    

Once prepared, the list of prospective supervisors is made available to Directors of Studies who may or may not use it, and can exercise their own discretion in contacting and appointing supervisors for their students – often this latter process only takes place at the end of the summer or even the start of Michaelmas Term.  Nevertheless, it is important to note that all prospective supervisors must have already done (or commit to doing in October ‘20) both the compulsory University training to make you eligible to supervise at Cambridge and the Department training for supervisors (about which you will be notified).  This usually takes a morning just before the start of Full Term in Sept/ Oct, and prepares you for supervision and explains the process of how it works more generally, and within Social Anthropology.

Depending on how many people are on the list of prospective supervisors for a given paper, and how many students need supervision for that paper, this can sometimes mean that prospective supervisors may not receive any requests to supervise on a paper in a given year. 

When you have completed the form below, please select 'Submit' and your details will be sent to the SocAnth Admin Office.  If you have any questions, please contact Kristina Bird (kdb28). 

PhD Students

The Department encourages all finishing and returning PhD students considering supervising to first discuss their interest with their own PhD supervisor and gain their explicit permission to take on supervision, and also obtain their supervisor's advice as to what paper (or papers) they may be most capable of supervising undergraduates on.

If you are a PhD student, you will also need to complete the PhD Student Permission to Supervise form and return it to Kristina Bird (kdb28) by Thursday 30 April 2020.


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I have completed the compulsory University and Department of Social Anthropology Undergraduate Supervisor training

I have not completed the training but will be available to do the compulsory training in the week prior to Michaelmas 2020 (probably the week starting 28 Sept). Please note attendance will be recorded.

I am available to supervise in these terms (select all that apply)   Please note, most colleges expect supervisors to be able to supervise a student for all three terms
2020-'21 Social Anthropology Undergraduate Papers on Offer

For information on Undergraduate teaching in Social Anthropology and the HSPS Tripos, visit the Department's website to access the content of SAN papers for Part 1, Part IIA, and Part IIB.

Once you are signed up to supervise individual papers, you will be enrolled in October onto the relevant online Moodle courses and able to access updated and more detailed resources such as comprehensive reading lists for 2020-‘21.

If you are a PhD student (just returning from fieldwork or a Writing-Up student) hoping to supervise then you should also discuss what specific papers you hope to supervise with your own PhD supervisor and seek their guidance and permission. It is usually a good idea to put your name down for supervising SAN1 (the first year undergraduate) paper and perhaps 1 – 2 others (at most). Supervising lots of different papers isn’t recommended or permitted for a starting supervisor.

Select the papers you are interested in supervising on in 2020-'21

Part I (First year paper)
Part IIA (2nd year papers)
Part IIB (3rd year papers)
Option Papers (taken by IIA and IIB students)