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Department of Social Anthropology



('Mental') health & healing; emotions, feelings & affects; sensuous experiences; viscerality of distress; bodies in formation; embodiment & selves; nerves, nervousness & nervous systems; (post-)war environments; materiality; space & place; longevity of violence; debris & ruination; post-socialism; post-Ottoman societies; decoloniality; lived experience & concepts; alternative archives; history, tradition & memory; creative methods & methodologies; Balkans; Former Yugoslavia; Bosnia & Herzegovina; medical anthropology, political anthropology, urban anthropology


Key publications: 

2013 Multicu/turalisme. Review article in student-edited and -published book. Antwerp: University of Antwerp.

Research Title: Nervoza: Archival-to-Everyday Affectual Entanglements in Post-War Sarajevo
Supervisor: Dr Yael Navaro
 Jasmin  Tabakovic (2018)

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