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Department of Social Anthropology



Johannes Lenhard studied Economics and Management at Zeppelin University in Germany, before his postgraduate career at the London School of Economics and then the University of Cambridge focused on various aspects of homesslessness. His PhD asked the question: how do people make a better life on the streets of Paris? At Max-Cam, Johannes acts both as the centre’s research coordinator and continues his own research on inequality and ethics. His postdoctoral project turns to international venture capital investors and investigate the values and ethics behind their efforts of making a better future.


Key publications: 

2019.   Lenhard, J., Samanani, F. Home – Ethnographic Encounters, London: Routledge.

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2018.  Lenhard, J.  ‘At home with the homeless’, Aeon, accessible:, accessed: February 

2017.  Lenhard, J. ‘You care more for the gear than the geezer? Intimate relationships among homeless substance users in London’, City and Society, 29(2), 305-328. (& editor of the special issue of C&S)

2017.  Lenhard, J. Beggars and Chooser, Vestoj, 2017, accessible:, accessed: February 2019.

2014.  Lenhard, J.  ‘Austere kindness or mindless austerity – Effects of gift-giving to people who beg in East London’, Antipoda, 18(April), 85-105.

2010.  Lenhard, J., Dodd, N. (2010) ‘Transfer Union or Common Bond? On the Moral Economy of the Eurozone’, Economic Sociology Newsletter, 12(1), 42-49.

Research Associate and Co-ordinator, Max Planck - Cambridge Centre for Ethics, Economy and Social Change
Dr Johannes  Lenhard

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