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South-Central Africa; Finland; African-language political and moral thought; radio and voice; liberalism, humanitarianism and human rights; political and moral economy.

I began my research in the early 1990s when a wave of democratisation swept across Africa. This formative period sparked my enduring interest in topics such as liberalism, democracy, human rights, moral obligation, freedom and equality. Studying these topics in their vernacular forms has involved long-term ethnographic fieldwork in South-Central Africa (Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia).

From 2017 until 2020, a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship enables me to pursue a project on linguistic translation as a perspective into questions of inequality and shared humanity in encounters across stark differences. The bulk of the project concerns linguistic, spiritual and humanitarian work done by 19th-century Scottish missionaries in present-day Malawi. The project will also include contemporary translation work between Chichewa / Chinyanja and English.

This project follows my recent interest in free speech in the context of vernacular radio in Zambia and Finland. My earlier projects have included work with human rights activists, refugees and Pentecostal Christians, among others.

I am a co-editor of the International African Library, a major monograph series published by Cambridge University Press for the International African Institute.

My audio work includes producing podcasts in Chinyanja, English and Finnish.



Key publications: 

Authored books

2018    Gogo Breeze: Zambia’s Radio Elder and the Voices of Free Speech. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

2011    Human Rights and African Airwaves: Mediating Equality on the Chichewa Radio. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

2006    Prisoners of Freedom: Human Rights and the African Poor. Berkeley: University of California Press.

2002    From War to Peace on the Mozambique-Malawi Borderland. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press for the International African Institute.

Edited works

2011    Christianity and Public Culture in Africa. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press.

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Book chapters

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Professor of Social Anthropology
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