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Department of Social Anthropology


The Cambridge University Social Anthropology Society (CUSAS) Executive Committee would like to formally invite all students studying Social Anthropology (undergraduate and postgraduate) to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

During this meeting, the current CUSAS Officers will give an overview of CUSAS and the 2021-22 events that have taken place. Then, the Officers will facilitate the selection of the 2022-23 CUSAS Executive Committee and its Officers. Please take a look at the description of the Executive Committee's activities and descriptions of the available Officer positions in the pdf sent to all Social Anthropology students. If you would like to undertake an Officer position, please attend this meeting and prepare to share a brief explanation as to why you are the ideal person to hold that role. (Note: All meeting attendees can become a General Member should they elect to join.)

If you have any questions about the roles, please bring them to the AGM and current Officers will clarify! 

You can register to attend on Zoom here:

You can reach the CUSAS Executive Committee on

Thursday, 26 May, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:00
Event location: 
Online and Jesus College JCR