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Department of Social Anthropology


Lent Term 2024 will consist of three sessions on ‘Health and Wellbeing: (Re)thinking with anthropologists’. Each session will begin with a 30-40 min interview with a Cambridge anthropologist, followed by Q & A and wider discussion. 


Session 3: Life and death

Rethinking with Dr Maryon McDonald  (University of Cambridge)

Guest interviewer: Elspeth Davies (Writing-up PhD student)

*See college map, Sosnow Room is on the second floor of the Todd Building, located adjacent to the Plumb Auditorium*

In this session, we will ask why a social anthropologist would become interested in medicine in the first place. Does this focus add anything to our understanding of health and wellbeing? How can anthropologists study ‘death’?  Does this give us any new insight? In this session, we follow Dr Maryon McDonald (University of Cambridge) and her thinking journey through the medical gaze on life and death, reflecting upon how classic themes can be brought to new life. 

The session will begin with a 30-40 min interview, followed by Q & A and wider discussion. 


If you are interested in suggesting topics or acting as a guest interviewer for Easter Term 2024, please feel free to email the convenor, Zihan Xu (PhD student), at As a newly established discussion group, we welcome any new ideas and contributions.

Monday, 11 March, 2024 - 17:00
Event location: 
Sosnow Room, Todd Building, Christ’s College