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Department of Social Anthropology


CUSAS Seminar with Dr Irit Katz, Lecturer in Architecture and Urban Studies (University of Cambridge)

Cities on the move: On urban spaces of presence and transcience of irregular migrants

Irit Katz is an architect and scholar who focuses on the socio-political and cultural aspects of architecture and urbanism. Her work examines the dynamic relations between the built environment and the changing human condition, covering a range of historical and contemporary areas and geographical contexts. She is particularly interested in the processes through which human environments are formed and reshaped in extreme situations such as forced displacement and violent conflicts, as well as in the role of spaces of everyday life in mediating social, ethnic and cultural diversity. Her research examines these environments as ever-changing spatial constellations through which political negotiations and cultural transformations are staged and reworked.


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Thursday, 18 February, 2021 - 17:00 to 18:30
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