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2013 Entry Images

ICCN (Lys Alcayna-Stevens, 2013)

Forest Foliage (Lys Alcayna-Steven, 2013)

Mama Ngokonda (Lys Alcayna-Stevens, 2013)

The young men of the village searching for edible snails (Rachel Wyatt, 2013)

Connie and her family inside their lamin tana (Rachel Wyatt, 2013)

The biggest monastery in Europe - The Golden Monastery of the Buddha Shakyamuni (Baasanjav Terbish, 2013)

Fault lines of gender (Marlene Schafers, 2013)

Fault lines of class (Marlene Schafers, 2013)

Fault lines of ethnicity (Marlene Schafers, 2013)

Old Believer Ataman Spirodanov (Dominic Martin, 2013)

Chita region pilgrimage (Dominic Martin, 2013)

Village Parade (Lam Minh Chau, 2013)

Opening Ceremony (Lam Minh Chau, 2013)

Corner Shop (Lam Minh Chau, 2013)

Local women in Mayapur (John Fahy, 2013)

Ajor and his blowpipe (Rachel Wyatt, 2013)

Holy Sacrament, Buryatia (Dominic Martin, 2013)

Kalmykia - the place where Lenin is reconciled with Buddhism (Baasanjav Terbish, 2013)

Buddhist Kalmykia - the chess capital of the world (Baasanjav Terbish, 2013)

Planning Notfication (Ryan Davey, 2013)

Front yard with Christmas decorations (Ryan Davey, 2013)

Friggate Refit Complex, HMNB Devonport (Ryan Davey, 2013)

Mongar Dzong Tshechu Dancers in Eastern Bhutan (Jonathan Taee, 2013)

Hunting Cordyceps in Bhutan (Jonathan Taee, 2013)

Domestic Violence in Bhutan (Jonathan Taee, 2013)

Taking the crowded ferry from Mayapur to Nabadwip (John Fahy, 2013)

Micro-economics on the street (John Fahy, 2013)