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2014 Entry Images

Independence Day (Romelia Calin, 2014)

An Israeli nurse treats Palestinian patients (Fiona Wright, 2014)

Activists in a drum circle wear pink face masks (Fiona Wright, 2014)

A left wing march passes by onlookers in central Tel Aviv(Fiona Wright, 2014)

An initiate receives the name of his ancestor spirit (Beth Turk, 2014)

A Darhad Shaman (Beth Turk, 2014)

'Praise my God!' - a Nigerian man in an underground African Pentecostal Church, Guangzhou, China (Yu Qiu, 2014)

A Chinese Nigerian mixed child in his child dedication party, Guangzhou, China (Yu Qiu, 2014)

Transcending in one - a Chinese choir in an underground African Pentecostal Church, Guangzhou, China (Yu Qiu, 2014)

Gagra Train Station (Romelia Calin, 2014)

Palmira, a Desana woman, working on manioc tubers (Kii) in her own graden (wehse) (Melissa Santana de Oliveira, 2014)

Manioc farinha porridges (Melissa Santana de Oliveira, 2014)

Fishing near the Nanai settlement of Daerga in Nanai District requires preparation (Ed Pulford, 2014)

Fishermen pull a sled stacked with firewood past a marooned tourist pleasure boat in the Hezhe village Jiejinkou, China (Ed Pulford, 2014)

Mama teachers explaining the structure of the world with a model. The pond contains a spiritual force related to knowledge. (Falk Parra Witte, 2014)

Kogi Mamas holding discussions and divinations about the state of the Sierra on an important sacred site (Falk Parra Witte, 2014)

Ceremonial procession in a Kogi village to renew the life-giving forces of nature (Falk Parra Witte, 2014)

The Redistribution of People (Lys Alcayna-Stevens, 2014)

Cosmologies of Capture (Lys Alcayna-Stevens, 2014)

Elephant Hunters (Lys Alcayna Stevens, 2014)

Stirring the morning salty milk tea (Beth Turk, 2014)

Silvia, a Tukano woman producing farinha (poka) (Melissa Santana de Oliveira, 2014)

Balbina, a Desana old woman, on her way to the manioc garden (Melissa Santana de Oliveira, 2014)

A fisherman stands alone on Lake Sindinskoye near the small town of Mayak in Russia’s Nanai District (Ed Pulford, 2014)

Apartment building (Romelia Calin, 2014)