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2015 Entry Images

Skopje flea market (Tijana Radeska, 2015)

Skopje flea market (Tijana Radeska, 2015)

Skopje flea market (Tijana Radeska, 2015)

A board displaying the Romanian Ministry of Cultures regulations for the protection of architectural heritage, standing in front of a fortified Saxon Evangelical Church (Hugh Williamson, 2015)

The view out of a window of the medieval castle at Rupea (Hugh Williamson, 2015)

A man stops to light a cigarette after feeding a relative’s sheep (Hugh Williamson, 2015)

Refugee theatre, Oberhausen, Germany (Jonas Tinius, 2015)

Refugee theatre, Oberhausen, Germany: scene performed in the asylum camp where many project participants lived (photo credit: Jonas Tinius, 2015)

The blessing of a family fire (Michael Long, 2015)

Two participants taking a break by those windows that had not yet been darkened (Jonas Tinius, 2015)

‘Old’ Selva stands with her grandson and a picture of her own grandmother in front of her home (Patrick O'Hare, 2015)

My neighbor Juan extracts copper by burning plastic cables recovered from the dump, while his son watches on (Patrick O'Hare, 2015)

My neighbour Alejandro enjoys a contemplative moment in our garden (Patrick O'Hare, 2015)

Wedding Yajna (John Fahy, 2015)

Food for Life (John Fahy, 2015)

Dancing for Krishna (John Fahy, 2015)

Police guarding Taiwan's Legislative Yuan (Michelle H J Tsai, 2015)

A kebab shop offers tourists Céad Míle Fáilte or “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes” (Natalie Morningstar, 2015)

As tourists make their way from the train station, they wander across Eyre Square, Galway (Natalie Morningstar, 2015)

Cheese drying (Michael Long, 2015)

A local man playing music inside the ruins (Michael Long, 2015)

This performer on Shop Street captured the attention of a large group of tourists (Natalie Morningstar, 2015)

One actress resting from rehearsals in the abandoned postindustrial asylum camp (Jonas Tinius, 2015)

Two disabled border workers pose for the camera (Clara Devlieger, 2015)

Donated goods piled up outside Taiwan's Legislative Yuan (Michelle H J Tsai, 2015)

Backstage at Paris Fashion Week with a Taiwanese fashion house (Michelle H J Tsai, 2015)

The lead dancer of Raka-Raka, a music group of disabled musicians (Clara Devlieger, 2015)

Children, Kinshasa (Clara Devlieger, 2015)