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2017 Entry Images

Pastor Elizete prays for a believer at one of ADVEC's church services (Priscilla Garcia, 2017)

Pastor Elizete along with Solange and sister Jussara praying for the 2016 elections in Brazil(Priscilla Garcia, 2017)

Solange separates a medal to offer to one of the athletes who participated in the marathon promoted by the church on May Day (Priscilla Garcia, 2017)

Spectating: Cooperative members absorbed in a friendly volleyball tournament held in honour of the organization's first official anniversary (Corinna Howland, 2017)

Divine Ambition: Before mass, Tío Pablo makes a list of his family members for the local priest to bless (Corinna Howland, 2017)

3rd Place: Tío Vicente pulls the reluctant third-place prizes (two alpacas) back to his group of dancers following the village’s annual dance competition (Corinna Howland, 2017)

Ting, aged 65 years, strains coffee through a sieve in the back kitchen of a kopitiam (Helen Jambunathan, 2017)

Thomas prepares a bowl of beef noodles in his kopitiam, one of the oldest and most successful in Chinatown (Helen Jambunathan, 2017)

Mr Tay, on the left, interacts with a British tourist couple in his kopitiam (Helen Jambunathan, 2017)

Babi Yar (Katie Macvarish, 2017)

Holodomor (Katie Macvarish, 2017)

Tank (Katie Macvarish, 2017)

Raja Sehari (King[s] for a Day) (Nurul Huda Mohd Razif, 2017)

Man & Wife (Nurul Huda Mohd Razif, 2017)

Here Comes the Bride & Groom (Nurul Huda Mohd Razif, 2017)

The statue of Confucius looking down at a group of young skateboarders, Kaifeng, China (Yi Qiao, 2017)

Local opera performers resting at the interval in a Chinese New Year fair, Kaifeng, China (Yi Qiao, 2017)

There are People in the Cloud (Alexander Taylor, 2017)

The Server-cabineted Corridor (Alexander Taylor, 2017)

A World of White Space (Alexander Taylor, 2017)

Sounds from the Past (Christina Woolner, 2017)

Sahra Halgan and Cabdinaasir Macalin Caydiid perform on stage at Hiddo Dhawr (Christina Woolner, 2017)

Documenting Hargeysa (Christina Woolner, 2017)

A Chinese worker is pictured handling the chemical processing, Mongolia (Ruiyi Zhu, 2017)

A Mongolian assistant accountant runs a makeshift barbershop in the workers’ dormitory in her spare time, Mongolia (Ruiyi Zhu, 2017)

Mongolian mechanics feel relieved after spending three days fixing the engine of an extractor, Mongolia (Ruiyi Zhu, 2017)