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Social Anthropology Front Entrance

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology: Maudslay Hall

Library with student studying by the window

Library with student studying from above

Library with student studying


Kings College Chapel

Jukwa market, Ghana

Indian Temple


Cattle farmer, Karnataka, India

Front Court, Emmanuel College

El Alto, Bolivia


Corpus clock

CGT demonstration

Cambridge skyline

Cambridge clock

Breakfast, Sinai Desert

Library bookshelves


Jonas Tinius - Centre Image of Isolation, Triptych, Oberhausen, Germany (2014)

John Fahy - Dancing for Krishna

Melissa Santana de Oliveira - A Desana woman, Northwest Amazonia

Falk Parra Witte - Kogi in the Sierra

Elizabeth Turk - A Shaman Initiate, Ulaanbaatar

Jonathan Taee - Mongar Dzong Tshechu Dancers, Bhutan

Dr Sertaç Sehlikoglu - Camera

Sinai Desert

Seminar Room

Mumbai beach

Mother and child in The Gambia

Mopti Street transport, Africa

Women farmers in Karnataka, India

Trinity College, Great Court at night

Students at Kings College Gate

Street workshop in The Gambia

John Fahy - Micro Economics on the Street, West Bengal

Danish Reality TV production with Korowai of West Papua

Mbaigun Motor Canoe



Mongolia (Libby Peachey, 2013)

Mongolia (Libby Peachey, 2013)

Quais Charente Cognac, (credit: OT Cognac / P.Chaillot)

Vignoble du Cognac (credit: OT Cognac / H. Chaillot)

Cambridge Skyline Two

Evangelical Church, Hillsong (credit: Ben Rushton)

"Making a Living" (Nurul Huda Mohd Razif, 2016)

Zambia (credit: Martin Freimüller)

The Inauguration of a New Craft Centre, Romania (Hugh Williamson, 2016)

Handling the chemical processing of fluorspar, Mongolia (Ruiyi Zhu, 2017)

There are People in the Cloud (Alexander Taylor, 2017)

Spectating in the Southern Peruvian Andes (Corinna Howland, 2017)



Documenting Hargeysa, Somaliland (Christina Woolner, 2017)


Esther with Meyer Fortes

Halal Intimacy: Love, Marriage & Polygamy in Contemporary Malaysia

Wato, Malawi, Thandeka Cochrane

There are people in the cloud, Data Centres

Research Overview

Humanist Buddhist Monastic Retreat 2016 (credit: James Laidlaw)

Humanist Buddhist Monastic Retreat (credit: James Laidlaw)

Welcome (credit: James Laidlaw)

Prostration (credit: James Laidlaw)

Unruly views of the state of the nation, Accra, Ghana, 2013 (credit: Anna-Riikka Kauppinen)

Horse Race (credit: David Sneath)

Max Cam

1200x350 CWoolner 4691

Jessica Sainsbury at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Stephen Hugh-Jones

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