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Small Carousel Images 590 x 288

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology: Maudslay Hall

Social Anthropology Front Entrance

2013 John Fahy : Micro Economics on the Street

Library with student studying

Latin American dancers

Jukwa market, Ghana

Indian Temple

590x288 group women

Goats in the Gobi Desert

Professor Humphrey - Freedom, Creativy, Decision

Crowds chanting on both sides of the Indo-Pakistan Wagah Border, Punjab


Library bookshelves

Bangladesh Cobblers

Huw Williamson - Sheep fold, Romania

Lys Alcayna-Stevens - The Redistribution of People

Marlene Schafers - Faultlines of Class

John Fahy - Local women in Mayapur

Lys Alcayna-Stevens - Mama Ngokonda

Nankumba Village, Malawi

Mother and child in The Gambia

Women farmers in Karnataka, India

Tibetan Monastery

Street Scene

West Papua, New Guinea (courtesy of Rupert Stasch)


Danish Reality TV production with Korowai of West Papua

Buff Diss, ‘Plucking Pennies’, Adelaide, Australia

'Still panicking about swine flu' by Yasser Alghofily (Flickr Creative Commons)

'Scarlet Sails' development in Vladivostok

Remnants (credit: Emrah Gokdemir)

Evangelical Church, Hillsong (credit: Ben Rushton)

Senior Research Seminar: Dr Anastasia Piliavsky

'Reunion' (1968). Avant-garde artist Marcel Duchamp playing chess against composer John Cage. Performance at the Ryerson Theatre in Toronto. (Photo Credit: musicworks magazine)

Mongolia (credit: David Sneath)

Motor Canoe (credit: Rupert Stasch)

Cargando Bolsones, COFECA or Cooperativa Felipe Cardozo, Montevideo (credit: Patrick O’Hare)

Crowded ferry in Mayapur (credit: John Fahy)

Street workshop in The Gambia

El Alto, Bolivia

Division of Social Anthropology

Cattle farmer, Karnataka, India


Mongar Dzong Tshechu Dancers, Bhutan (credit: Jonathan Taee)

Wedding Yajna, West Bengal (credit: John Fahy)

Mopti Street Transport, Africa

Rosie Hospital

Dr Sian Lazar Publication Where are the unions?

590x288 2017 SAN12 Pruitt igoeUSGS02


Two Hard Workers, Mexico

Boats from above, Malawi

In order of precedence, Ethiopia

Hand with bug, Malawi