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Department of Social Anthropology

Recording Kastom

Anita Herle and Jude Philip have won the Frank Broeze Memorial Maritime History Book Prize for their book Recording Kastom: Alfred Haddon’s Journals from the Torres Strait and New Guinea, 1888 – 1898.  The award was presented on behalf of the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Australian Association for Maritime History.   

The judges noted: The book is well footnoted and richly illustrated with Haddon’s sketches and watercolours from his journals, alongside [historic] photographs and modern images highlighting significant items from the anthropological collections mentioned in the text. The authors consulted extensively with both Traditional Owners and Haddon’s family to contextualise the journals, which include modern anthropological reflections and perspectives. This is a high-quality work of enduring value that does justice to the richness of Torres Strait Islander and New Guinea peoples’ culture, spirituality, voyaging, trade and interactions.

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