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Department of Social Anthropology


Camthropod is the podcast of the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. We’ve had 25 amazing episodes so far, with more in the pipeline. Ranging from interviews with visiting scholars to documentary soundscapes, all brought to us by students, research fellows, and faculty associated with the Department. 

One of the recent episodes is “The Recorded and the Live” by Dr Timothy Cooper, which examines the distinct sonic aesthetic of Shi’i religious media in Pakistan. Joined by Karen Ruffle from the University of Toronto and Charles Hirschkind from the University of California, Berkeley, who help to put Shi’i relationships with sound in a wider geographic and disciplinary context. Another recent episode, “The Future of the Anthropological Journal” is a roundtable discussion with Dr Andrew Sanchez, Dr Liana Chua, and Dr Natalia Buitron. We are also proud to be one host of Dr Iza Kavedžija (the Department’s new Assistant Professor in social and medical anthropology) and Dr Robert Simpkins’ Artery, a Podcast on art, authorship, and anthropology.
The engaging ways our contributors have found to document their research has reached a wide and varied public.  We get an exceptional number of listeners for a specialist podcast, with people finding the episodes on our website, SoundCloud, and Apple Music, and tuning in from all over the world. Looking to the future, we’re keen to encourage experiments with new ideas and formats. Our sound drifts and sound essays have been particularly compelling, where adherence to form or academic circling-back is side-lined in favour of immersion and deep listening.

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